“I understand with love comes pain, but why did I have to love so much?”

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yes..so absolutely true..when u fall in love, u make yourself so vulnerable to someone tht u dont realise that slowly a part of you is getting eroded…well nothing wrong with it..only if the other person loves u as much as you do in return..

 everything changes and so do emotions..so would you blame your partner for not loving you anymore.. for not letting you be a part of his life..for not letting you have a right on his life anymore..would you??? You cant and neither can I….

Yes i will never blame you for not loving me anymore..for I have your memories that will last me a lifetime.. but then why does it hurt so much…is my question from life!!


Death humbles down everyone…

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In the recent years I have seen two of my very closed people fighting death & then submitting to it quitely. Both of them were very different from each other in every way. Even if I try to recollect now, I cant find a single similarity.

Yet at the final moment they both were humbled down. There was the same helplessness in both set of eyes. The same look which said ‘i know noone can help me, but I so wish someone could’.

 And as I looked at them I realised that death is indeed the biggest reality of life. Noone can fight it…noone can change it..all we can change is the way we live our lives..i realised how important it is to live life to the fullest and how i don’t ever want to regret life when I am lying on my death bed. Life indeed is too short yet we can’t make the best of it….

 Something to think about..isn’t it???

Hello world!

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Just a simple HI!!

Hope it takes us a long way!!

Heres to a fresh start wine-glasses.jpg

‘On a bad day I have mood swings – but on a good day, I have the whole mood playground.’